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CRYPTOCOIN INSURANCE - Exchanges the option of first use of insuring deposits against the fall of the market

CRYPTOCOIN - Options are financial derivatives that are sold by the buyer of the option the create option. The contract offers on the buyer the right, but not the obligation, make the purchase (call option) or sell (put option) the underlying asset yg yg in the price agreed upon for a period of time of a certain date or in exclusive. Price wrote the agreed strike price claimed. There is a poly type options. One option could be done at any time before the expiration of the option off, ad interim other options can only be done within the expiration date (off exercise). Exercise means utilizing the right make buy or sell the underlying security to reply.

Sounds very difficult! That's why the project is divided as 2 parts: Exchange options and premium company. Traders and hedge funds concluded a purchase transaction & sales stock options

Other clients, do not want to understand the workings of an option can purchase insurance create growth or fall of the currencies of the main crypto.
CRYPTOCOIN INSURANCE lets you create ensures growth or risk falling prices create a primary cryptocurrency.

The problem: there is no solution to ensure savings on Bitcoin or Ethereum so nir fell. At the same time in this market there is an increasing volatility scares people creating lucrative deposit funds akbar at cryptocurrency. On the other hand, large companies create a slow market entry (e.g., create a receive payment in cryptocurrency) because of the same reason.

Solution: the Exchange will start operation using five cryptocurrency yg have maximum market. Furthermore, due to the increasing demand and turnover, we will be adding other crypto currency. CRYPTOCOIN sells INSURANCE either growth or Bitcoin Ethereum & insurance fell. As such, it protects the risks. There is no competition on the lucrative market allows maintaining a significant level of reply margin of 20%. INSURANCE CRYPTOCOIN repackaged and sold/bought the risks on its own as an option in the Exchange itself.

INSURANCE CRYPTOCOIN currency exchange cryptocurrency launched the first choice on a global

The problem: there is no specific cryptocurrency currency exchanges where you can buy/sell options. Primary fears to form such a stock is rising volatility, too. It seems everyone who deals with the option create stocks, oil or wheat wrote risk is very large.

Solution: the main Fears based on options on the market cryptocurrency is the increase in volatility.

Profit according to market cryptocurrency unlike stocks or commodities is that it operates 24 hours a day. And make all the period of its existence (approximately 10 years), there is never any reply information quickly will shift the price of Bitcoin or Ethereum at least 30-50%. In fact, if only the blue chip (coin), the market is cryptocurrency a lot safer options than the market sellers create others that we are used to.

Options allow short-selling
The problem: there is still no chance of short sales on the market cryptocurrency. There are no that are able to sell cryptocurrency yg nir physically present on your account in no time. This reduces the ability of speculators create smoothen price fluctuations on other markets. That in turn led to increased volatility and the consequences of the reply mentioned in TOS. 1 and 2 above.

Solution: without having physical Bitcoin or Ethereum, it is possible create a receiving option create fall, invalid invalid & carry out sales that are not revealed. This occasion brought to market many new traders, investors, and speculators & hedge funds that put money in growth but only nir is nevertheless in the collapse of the market.

The size of the market
Cryptocurrency market capitalization totalling hundreds of billions of dollars. The daily trading volumes are at a level of $10-20 billion.

Market size of the options create a commodity stock different & based on one country to another, and is 1-5% according to the amount of the basic asset market. Thus, we can calculate the volume of potential based on market the option create cryptocurrency basis in the amount of $50-250 million per day.

However, the calculation of the nir calculated that completely valid option gives you a chance create short sales when this cannot be done on the Exchange cryptocurrency. This will contribute to the increase in demand of the seller make the instrument.
Exchange Options
The advantage obtained as a Trade Commission based on each operation in the purchase or sale of options. This is the 0 five%, or 1% per transaction per round make each side of the transaction.

Considering the volatility of the option and create great opportunities get profit, the Commission made significant nir market participants. But, it does allow Exchange to earn an income higher than using the Exchange cryptocurrency commonplace due to the lack of competition. In terms of competitors in the future, the amount of the Commission Exchange can be reduced proportionately.

The insurance company
The revenue generated by selling insurance growth/decrease of cryptocurrency.

CCIN Token Growth Potential
The insurance company CRYPTOCOIN has developed an example of simple easy-to-understand & yg buat CCIN token value. 30% of any commissions earned by the options exchanges will be directed to the Fund's liquidity. In the next months the INSURANCE CRYPTOCOIN send these funds create a purchase token CCIN based on market & burn it.

This business model was adopted only for the benefit of our investors. Promise made buying future earnings based on token nir is able to transparently. In addition, the Exchange platform possible nir ever benefit physically. In the case of the token CRYPTOCOIN insurance, investors know exactly that every single transaction purchase/sale of options formed a lucrative cash flows used create a purchase token.

This allows continuous shift the balance market demand will boost & token CCIN.

If omzetnya is $50 million per day, the Commission made to the 2 sides of the transaction would be $500,000 or $15 million a month. 30% according to this amount or the $5 million posted each month made buying CCIN token from the market.

Token allocation

Price of tokens 1,500 CCIN tokens = 1 ETH
Date of ICO November 1, 2018 – December 27, 2018
Minimum collection amount $0.5 M
ICO main target $5 M
Maximum collection amount $10 M 

Team project

To find out about CRYPTOCOIN further, then you can visit their official page below: 


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